New Social Media Channel to Find What Your Looking for

Have you heard of Houzz? Houzz is a new social media channel. Its purpose is to help people design their homes. It’s really quite thrilling and exhilarating just browsing around this Website. Since we’re all about vintage here, I tried typing in vintage in the Houzz search bar. There were over 50, 000 search results that came back! If you’d like to narrow your search results, then all you have to do is type in an additional word alongside the word vintage. I gave it a whirl: I typed in vintage lights…ironically, I actually ended up with even more search results (I’m not entirely sure how or why that works), but I had more than 630,000 search results! Crazy, huh? But doesn’t that make you excited to shop around for some vintage lights!?


Next, I typed in vintage barn lights to see what my results would be. More than 36,000 results came up. See where I’m going with this? The possibilities are literally endless here.  Go to Houzz, yourself to see what all the hype is about.

Houzz has definitely become one of our new go-to sites for finding inspiration. You don’t even have to buy anything to be on the site. You can post questions and professionals and people just like you will respond. You can collect different photos of housing design ideas that you love. And if you do want to buy something you see on there, it’s really simple, you don’t even have to leave the Website!

Check it out, and pay special attention the all the vintage-y stuff they have hanging around there! To. Die. For.


Will Schoolhouse Pendant Lights Suit my Kitchen?

It’s been almost 6 months, and we are finally done with our kitchen renovation—well almost. We haven’t found the perfect pendants yet. I love the Schoolhouse pendants lights, but I’m not so sure what Rob, my husband likes. I don’t think he knows what he likes. So we are still looking for the perfect pendants to place above our kitchen island. Here’s a picture of what our kitchen currently looks like:

Will Schoolhouse lights match?

Will Schoolhouse lights match?

As you can see, we have flush lights scattered around the parameters, and the great thing about these is that they give off bright light—perfect for evening cooking during wintertime—not that it gets very cold in Southern California, but still I like the thought. So, I was telling Rob that I want our kitchen to keep that classic, homey kitchen feel. So I came up with the brilliant idea of adding some classic schoolhouse pendant lights to our kitchen, but I am still unsure of which ones would best match our whole kitchen décor. Here are the schoolhouse lights I came across online:

Schoolhouse Pendant Light in Polished Aluminum

Schoolhouse Pendant Light in Polished Aluminum

I love the Classic Schoolhouse Pendants from BarnLight Originals. I love that a barn light pendant seems to go so well with the aesthetic of older homes. These old school pendant lights really just call to mind the whole 1950s clean style of the time, but I am not entirely sure that these will go with my own kitchen’s décor. What do you guys think? BarnLight Originals offers them in brass, copper, and polished aluminum-as well as other finishes I think. And the glass is called opal glass, which isn’t exactly white, but more like a pearly white, which I think is so classy.

Anyway, I would definitely opt for the polished aluminum because I think that would match the steel appliances and hardware in my kitchen. I need some feedback though. I am smitten by these pendants, but I’m not sure Rob is completely sold on these yet. He wanted something more stylish, and I did come across lots of more vintage barn pendant lights on the BarnLight Originals website, but they have so many options, I am not sure which would look best. I’m overwhelmed, in case you haven’t already noticed. I need some help please!

the speak easy vintage barn light by barn light originals

Vintage Barn Lights | A Modern Lighting Choice

Vintage barn lights have made a comeback. We see them everywhere, and unless you have a keen eye for vintage lighting, you might not even notice them, though they may be right before your eyes. Next time you take a trip to the grocery store, look around, and take a minute to observe the lights around you.

Chances are that you’ll be surrounded by vintage barnlights. Grocery stores love vintage lighting, since these lights add to the welcoming ambiance of certain grocery stores. But let’s not limit vintage barn lights to simply grocery shopping, these types of lights are great for plenty of other commercial applications as well as residential applications. You’ll see these lights in quaint shopping centers, rustic restaurants, and just about any public space that has any sense of nostalgic and cozy style.

Vintage Barn Lights are a Great Addition to Any Home

Due to their various charming designs, they have also made their mark on interior décor. Both designers and architects alike have fallen in love with the charm of vintage barn lights. Many people who are renovating their home have caught on to this trend and they are mounting these all over their homes. People place these in their kitchens, bedrooms, and in any living area that needs a little bit of light and a whole lot of charm.

Vintage Barn Lights Have a Nostalgic Style

So what exactly do barn lights look like?

barnlight originals speak easy copper vintage barn lights  the spoked adams vintage barn light by barnlight originals  barnlight originals speak easy

Vintage barn lights come in all kinds of styles, sizes, and finishes. The best way of knowing what these mysterious vintage barn lights look like is to browse through this awesome website at, and see the eclectic collection of antique barn lights for sale. You’ll notice that their “vintage barn lights” are actually made-to-order light fixtures that take their designs from authentic vintage barn lights as well as various industrial vintage lighting from the 1920s.

BarnLight Originals Loves Vintage Barn Lights

BarnLight Originals reps are absolutely mad over original vintage barn lighting. So much so that they have actually replicated many vintage lights, but the great part about them is that they will actually let their customers choose all of the specifications for their lights. In other words, customers choose their finish.

They have vintage finishes like French Green, Aged Brass, and Weathered Copper among a list of other modern and classic finishes. For those of you who want the classic design of vintage barn lights but do not want to spend your life savings on one, head on over to their website so that you can take your pick from the hundreds of vintage-inspired pendants, goosenecks, wall lights, and various indoor and outdoor lighting vintage-inspired lighting they have to offer.

We are absolutely positively sure that once you browse through their website, you’ll be smitten by their barn light fixtures as much as we are. And if you want to learn more about vintage barn lights, their styles, and lighting in general, head on over to a blog that I found with tons of useful information See you there!